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Cleaning Up Criminal Records: FCRA Challenges Based on Dissemination of Inaccurate Criminal Records

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National Hire Network: Employer Use of Consumer/Credit Reports to Obtain Criminal Record Information

Many employers do not have the right to fingerprint their job applicants, but have other means of getting access to their criminal records. Employers may use consumer report information when considering employment applications as long as they comply with the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, which outlines specific rights of individuals.

[http://files.e2ma.net/2800/assets/docs/fcra_article.pdf Criminal Background Checks: What Are Your Rights?"

Sets out employee's rights under the FCRA when employer conducts a criminal records check.

Letter to Michigan State Police

This letter outlines how the Fair Credit Reporting Act applies to the dissemination of criminal records.

Sample Letter to Credit Reporting Company Regarding Inaccurate Criminal Record Report

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