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Licensed Daycare

MCL 722.115

Requires criminal background checks for licensed childcare, and allows agency to consider nature of convictions and evidence of rehabilitation.

MCL 722.115c

Describes process for conducting criminal record checks of individuals seeking daycare licenses.

Michigan Administrative Code Rule 400.1152

Lists offenses that presumptively bar individuals from obtaining a child care license.

Daycare Provided through the State-Subsidized CDC Program

DHS Bridges Eligibility Manual 704

Explains process for conducting criminal background checks on childcare providers under the CDC program, which provides low-income parents with assistance in covering childcare costs.

DHS Bridges Eligibility Manual 705

Lists offenses that bar individuals from being paid as childcare providers under the CDC program.

Sample Legal Materials

Sample Appeal Letter

Sample letter where DHS refused to allow grandparent to serve as a relative daycare provider.
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