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MCL 380.1230 et. seq.: Criminal Record provisions affecting school employees.

Mich. Admin. Code R. 390.1201: Teacher Certification Code, listing provisions applying specifically to teachers.

MCL 257.1853(4)(a)-(e): Disqualifying Offenses for School Bus Drivers

Self-Help Materials

Know Your Rights: Criminal Background Checks for Michigan's School Employees

Answers frequently asked questions relating to legal issues faced by school employees. Available in Wiki and .doc formats.

Letter from Michigan Education Association to Criminal Defense Attorneys Outlining Legal Issues for Criminal Defense of Educators who Are Facing Criminal Charges

This notice sets out issues, particularly reporting, that are important to know for individuals working in schools are are facing criminal charges.

Consequences of Criminal Charges and Convictions for School Employees

Article by an attorney from the Michigan Education Association; provides information on which offenses need to be reported and on employment impact of specific convictions.

Sample Arraignment Disclosure Form

Individuals who are employed in the education field and who are arraigned often need to report the fact of their arraignment. This form is to be used.

A Guide to Suspensions and Expulsions in the Michigan Public Schools

Guide prepared by the MASSP and MASB.

Litigation on Dissemination of Records of School Employees

Sample District Court Complaint

A sample complaint filed in District Court against the Michigan State Police and the Michigan Department of Education for teachers who are likely to lose their jobs as their names are mistakenly part of the Michigan criminal database.

Brief in Support of Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary Injunction

A sample brief filed in District Court requesting the restraining of the Michigan State Police from releasing an inaccurate list of convicted persons because of inaccuracies pertinent to the names of innocent teacher plaintiffs.

Sample Order Granting A Plaintiffs Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order

A sample brief requesting an injunction against the Michigan State Police from releasing an innaccurate list of convicted felons employed in schools.

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