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Legal Information

Laws and Policies Affecting People with Criminal Records in Michigan: A Legal Outline

The employment section of this outline includes extensive information on various laws barring employment in different industries.

Legal Outline of Authorities and Decisions Related to Criminal Records and Employment

A legal outline of the major laws and cases regulating criminal background checks.

Supplement to Legal Outline of Authorities & Decisions Related to Criminal Records and Employment

Self-Help Materials

National HIRE Network: Completing Employment Applications

Advice on filling out an employment application if you have a criminal record.

Incentives for Employers

National HIRE Network: Financial Incentives to Encourage Employers to Hire Job Applicants with Criminal Records

Details advantages to employers who hire qualified job applicants with criminal records.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

9 New ways Employers can earn Federal Income Tax Credits.

Policy Information

Report of the Working Group on Reentry Regarding Barriers to the Employment of People with Criminal Records

Employment of former offenders is critical to reducing recidivism. In order to promote the employment of people with criminal records, Michigan should reduce the legal and practical barriers that they confront. This report lays out specific measures Michigan should take to reduce recidivism.

CLASP Fact Sheet: Barred From Jobs: Ex-Offenders Thwarted in Attempts to Earn a Living.

The report contains an introduction with background information on the employment of people with criminal records.

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