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Got a Record? Know Your Rights: Employment

Fact sheet from the Michigan Bar explaining employment rights for people with criminal records.


Occupational License for Former Offenders Act: MCL 338.41-47

An Act to encourage and contribute to the rehabilitation of former offenders and to assist them in the assumption of the responsibilities of citizenship.

Prohibition on Requesting Information About Arrests: MCL 37.2205a(1)

Statute prohibiting employers from requesting, making, or maintaining a record of information regarding misdemeanors for employment purposes.

Overviews of Employer Rights and Responsibilities When Hiring People with Criminal Records

Employer's Guide to Hiring People with Criminal Records

Contains information on employer's legal rights and responsibilities related to hiring people with records, as well as a sample employment policy.

Hiring People with Criminal Records: An Employer's Guide to Legal Rights and Responsibilities in Michigan

Pamphlet from the Michigan Department of Civil Rights on employer responsibilities.

Information for Employers About Hiring an Ex-Offender

Overview of benefits to employers; also addresses issues like negligent hiring.

Model Employer Policy For Criminal Background Checks

A sample policy that addresses employer concerns about hiring people with records while giving people with records a fair chance to compete for jobs.

Model City and County Hiring Policies

An overview of model city and county hiring policies developed by NELP in order to remove unfair barriers to employment of people with criminal records.

Report of the National Task Force on the Commercial Sale of Criminal Justice Record Information

Report detailing the role that commercial background screening companies play in the collection, maintenance, sale, and dissemination of criminal records. Prepared by SEARCH and The National Consortium for Justice Information and Statistics.

Financial Incentives for Hiring People with Criminal Records

National HIRE Network: Financial Incentives to Encourage Employers to Hire Job Applicants with Criminal Records

Details advantages to employers who hire qualified job applicants with criminal records.

Fidelity Bonding Program

Employers who hire people with criminal records may be eligible to receive free federal bond insurance for those employees.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit

9 New ways Employers can earn Federal Income Tax Credits.

Negligent Hiring

Negligent Hiring Liability for Employers

Powerpoint on negligent hiring liability in Michigan.
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