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General Policy

Report of the Working Group on Reentry Regarding Barriers to the Employment of People with Criminal Records

Employment of former offenders is critical to reducing recidivism. In order to promote the employment of people with criminal records, Michigan should reduce the legal and practical barriers that they confront. This report lays out specific measures Michigan should take to reduce recidivism.

CLASP Fact Sheet: Barred From Jobs: Ex-Offenders Thwarted in Attempts to Earn a Living.

The report contains an introduction with background information on the employment of people with criminal records. See Chapter One: Criminal Records and Employment.

Overview of the Workforce Investment Act

The Workforce Investment Act provides funding for job training program. This Web page provides an overview of the act.

Criminal Background Checks and Hiring Practices

A list of social science research papers related to criminal background checks and employment.

Model City and County Hiring Policies

An overview of model city and county hiring policies developed by NELP in order to remove unfair barriers to employment of people with criminal records.

Ban the Box

Cities Pave the Way: Promising Reentry Policies that Promote the Local Hiring of People with Criminal Records.

Provides an overview of city hiring policies that postpone criminal background checks until late in the hiring process, making it more likely that people with records will be considered for employment.

Major US Cities Adopt Hiring Policies to Remove Unfair Barriers to Employment of People with Criminal Records.

Comprehensive Inventory of "Ban the Box" and similar initiatives around the country.

Inventories of Legal Barriers Facing People with Records

Policy Brief on Restricting Employment Based on Criminal Records

Discusses how to inventory and evaluate legal barriers to the employment of people with criminal records.
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