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Background Information

How and Why to Get Your Criminal Record

Provides an overview of different types of criminal records and how to get them. Includes sample letters to the Michigan State Police and FBI.

Common Sources of Criminal Records

ICHAT Information and FAQs

The Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT) provides criminal records for Michigan convictions.

FBI Record Requests

FBI records are not generally available to individuals outside law enforcement, though they are used for employment purposes in certain areas, such as long-term care and education. Individuals can obtain copies of their own FBI records for personal review.

OTIS Record Requests

The Offender Information Tracking System (OTIS) provides information about offenders previously or currently under the jurisdiction of the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Michigan Sex Offender Registry

Information on registered sex offenders.

Victim Information Notification Everyday (VINE) System

This site provides information about the custody status of inmates around the country. It is not a record repository, but rather an informational source for information about criminal cases and prisoner location.

Federal Bureau of Prisons website

This site provide information about the custody status and location of federal inmates.

Records from Private Companies

Many private companies sell criminal record information. This information is usually considered a credit report, and is subject to laws governing the use of credit reports. Contact the credit reporting agency that produced the record to obtain a copy of your criminal background check.
Credit Reports
This document provides information on how to obtain and correct your credit report.
Choicepoint Records
Information on how to get a free copy of your Choicepoint record. Choicepoint is a major private provider of criminal records.


MCL 28.242a

Spells out what Michigan criminal history information is disseminated to the public.

MCL 712A.28

Statute providing that most Michigan juvenile records are open to the public.

Policy Issues

Expanded Use of Criminal Records and Its Impact on Re-entry

Over the past decade, criminal records have become available and used for non-law enforcement purposes to an unprecedented extent. Several trends have dovetailed, with catastrophic effect for persons with criminal records.
Other pages in this section: Correcting Inaccurate Criminal Records - Expungement - Removing Arrest Information That Did Not Result in Conviction - Deferrals and Dismissals for Specified Offenses - Pardons - Getting Damages for Inaccurate Records- Juvenile Records

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