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Welcome to the Michigan Reentry Law Wiki, a collaborative effort by people involved in reentry in Michigan to provide relevant, current information on legal issues facing people with criminal records based on the manual: Providing Civil Legal Assistance to People with Criminal Convictions in Michigan produced by Legal Aid of West Michigan and hosted by the Michigan Poverty Law Program.

Resource Library

Overviews of Reentry and Collateral Consequences
Collateral Consequences in Michigan - Collateral Consequences in Other States - Legal Outlines & Training Materials - Policy Materials

Get a Criminal Record

Cleaning Up Criminal Records
Correcting Inaccurate Criminal Records - Deferrals and Dismissals for Specified Offenses -Getting Damages for Inaccurate Records- Expungement - Juvenile Records - Pardons - Removing Arrest Information That Did Not Result in Conviction

Education, Schools & Financial Aid
Financial Aid - School Suspensions & Expulsions

Employment & Licensing
Disparate Impact Claims Under Title VII - Legal Overviews - Materials for Employers - Occupational Licensing - Policy Reports & Recommendations

Restrictions for Specific Jobs: Accounting - Banking - Childcare - Education - Firefighters - Gaming - Government Employment and Government Contracting - Health Professionals - Long-Term Care Military Service - Security Guard and Private Security - Transportation

Family Issues
Child Support - Custody & Parenting Time - Parental Rights Termination - Parole & Probation Restrictions on Family Contact

Housing for Sex Offenders - Legal Outlines - Subsidized Housing

Identification and Drivers Licenses


Property, Fines, Restitution & Other Monetary Penalties
Forfeiture of Property - Reimbursement for Incarceration Expenses - Restitution & Fees

Public Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance
Applications & Forms - Disability & Social Security After Incarceration - Fleeing Felons - Medicaid, Medicare Health Care - Public Benefits Lost Due to Criminal Record - Selective Service Registration

Sex Offender Registration


Youth and Juveniles

Specific Resources For:
Civil Legal Aid Attorneys
Criminal Defense Attorneys
Prisoners and Returning Prisoners