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Self-Help Materials

Got a Record? Know Your Rights: Housing

Fact sheet from the Michigan Bar explaining housing rights of people with criminal records.

Legal Summaries

An Affordable Home on Re-entry

Resource prepared by the National Housing Law Project, advocating for public housing authorities and private owners of federally assisted housing to adopt more flexible admission policies for people with criminal records.

Overcoming Barriers to Housing for People with Criminal Records Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentation covering housing laws affecting people with criminal records.

Legal Action Center: Housing Law Affecting Individuals with Criminal Convictions

This summary describes the federal public housing laws that govern the admission and eviction of people with criminal histories into federally assisted housing.

Improving Housing Opportunities for Individuals with Conviction Records: Making a Claim of Racial Discrimination Under the Federal Fair Housing Act.

Explains how the Fair Housing Act applies to discrimination against people with records in housing.

Schaafsma: Criminal Activity Based Barriers to HUD Assisted Rental Housing

Overview of record-based barriers to subsidized housing.

Housing Law Bulletin: No Trespass Policies – Hicks and Its Aftermath

This article discussed no trespass policies used by public housing authorities to keep people with records from visiting public housing.

Briefs and Pleadings

Answer: Public Housing

Motion to Dismiss based on due process and notice violations in case of eviction from public housing based on tenant's son's drug arrest.

Sample Letter Regarding Denial of Admission to Section 8 Housing Based on Criminal Record

Sample Letter to Mobile Home Park Regarding Denial of Admission Based on Criminal Record.

This letter argues that denying admission to a person with a criminal record can violate the Fair Housing Act.

Sample Letter Regarding Denial of Federally Assisted Housing for Possession of Medical Marijuana

This letter outlines the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act and advises that landlords with federally assistance are not required to evict tenants in violation of drug laws.

Policy Materials

CLASP Fact Sheet: One Strike and You’re Out: Low-Income Families Barred From Housing Because of Criminal Records

The report contains an introduction with background information on parents with criminal records, and chapters on employment, public benefits, housing, child welfare, student loans, and immigration. These chapters feature stories of ex-offenders who have confronted these barriers, illustrating the inequities of these collateral consequences. For specific information on housing, see Chapter Three: Criminal Records and Subsidized Housing.

Improving Housing Opportunities for Individuals with Conviction Records

Advocacy toolkit on record-related housing issues.
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