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Property, Fines, Restitution & Other Monetary Penalties: Forfeiture of Property

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Statutes: Property Forfeiture

MCL 257.625n: Forfeiture of Vehicle

MCL 333.7521 et. seq.: Drug Forfeitures

MCL 600.4701 et. seq.: Proceeds of or Instrumentalities of a Crime

Civil Liability for Criminal Conduct

Unintended Consequences: How a Criminal Plea Can Result in the Loss of Insurance Coverage
This article discusses how criminal convictions can result in the loss of insurance coverage for personal injury or tort claims arising out of the criminal conduct.

Other pages in this section: Forfeiture of Property - Restitution & Fees - Reimbursement for Incarceration Expenses

Section overview: Property, Fines, Restitution & Other Monetary Penalties

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