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Public Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Selective Service Registration

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In order to receive many public benefits, including student loans and job training, males 18 years of age and older need to register for the Selective Service. Some reentering individuals did not register for the Selective Service, and therefore are denied these benefits. This section contains information about how to address problems resulting from a failure to register before the age of 26. Individuals who did not register should obtain a status information letter.

Basic Information on Selective Service Registration

Overview of who must register and when.

Selective Service Information for Nonregistered Men Over the Age of 26

Information about what to do if you did not register before you turned 26.

Selective Service Status Information Letters

Information from the Selective Service on obtaining a status information letter.

Request Form for Status Information Letter Regarding Selective Service

Form to request your selective service status.

Department of Education’s Student Financial Aid Handbook (2010-2011) relating to Selective Service registration

Explains financial aid issues with respect to Selective Service registration.

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