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Public Benefits: Identification and Drivers Licenses

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Materials from the Secretary of State on Obtaining ID and Driver's Licenses

Considerations for Driving in Michigan after Incarceration

Document prepared by the Secretary of State which provides an overview of driving and identification issues facing prisoners upon release.

Michigan Department of State: Identification Requirements for an Original Driver’s License or Personal Identification Card

This document details all of the items required to obtain a Michigan driver's license or personal identification card.

Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of State and Department of Corrections Allowing DOC ID to be Used in Obtaining State ID

This MOU explains that DOS offices should accept DOC-issued prisoner ID as one form of ID when obtaining state ID or a driver's license. Applicants must still meet all other requirements to get ID.

Michigan Department of State: Replacing a Lost License

Explains how to obtain a license if one is lost.

Michigan Department of State: Identification Requirements for an Original Driver’s License or Personal Identification Card

Note that in addition to the documents listed on the website, the Department of State will accept, as proof of residency, a Department of Corrections' parole certificate/order for up to 30 days from the release date on the certificate/order.

Driver Responsibility Fees

Links to information about driver responsibility fees. Nonpayment of these fees can result in loss of a driver's license.

Obtaining Birth Certificates

Michigan Department of Community Health Vital Records

Information on obtaining birth, death, marriage and divorce records for Michigan.

Letter from DHS Regarding Access to Birth Records

Explains the procedure that the Department of Human Services Can Use in Obtaining Birth Record Information.

Out of State Records

Check with that state's identification agency to find out about obtaining a record. If you do not know the name of the agency, search for the official state website. Or call the Michigan Department of Community Health Vital Records unit at 517-335-8666, and ask for the number of the vital records office in the other state.

You can also use a commercial service, although that will generally cost more. One such fee-based services is: Vital Check

Obtaining Social Security Cards

Social Security Website

For information on applying for a social security number, click here.

Memorandum of Understanding between the Social Security Administration and the Federal Bureau of Prisons on Replacing Inmate Social Security Cards

Contains information for federal inmates on getting replacement social security cards.

Policy Materials

Ex-Offender Identification Issues in Michigan

Explains the problems created when prisoners are released without identification.

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