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Public Benefits: Overview of Public Benefits Lost Due to Criminal Record

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Department of Human Services' list of Criminal Justice Disqualifications

Explains what public benefits in Michigan are unavailable based on convictions or warrants.

Doig & Simons: The Civil-Criminal Connection: Civil Consequences of Criminal Convictions for Low-Income Defendants

Overview of how criminal convictions carry civil consequences, with detailed information on the loss of public benefits.

CLASP Fact Sheet: A Critical Bridge to Success: Making Public Benefits Accessible to Parents with Criminal Records

Overview of public benefits issues as they affect people with records.

Bazelon Center: Finding the Key to Successful Transition from Jail to Community: An Explanation of Federal Medicaid and Disability Program Rules

Information on benefit eligibility for individuals returning from incarceration.

Information on public benefits available in other states for people with records

Interactive site from the Legal Assistance Center that provide information on access to public benefits in other states for people with criminal records.

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