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Client Questionnaire to Flag Collateral Consequences

Client Questionnaire: Collateral Consequences of Conviction

There are many consequences to having a criminal record other than the sentence imposed by the court. For example, you can be deported, lose your job, lose your housing, or have your parental rights terminated. Have your clients fill out this questionnaire to help identify and avoid these consequences.

Hand-Outs for Clients

Got a Record? Know Your Rights

Handouts for clients on employment, immigration, and housing consequences of having a criminal record. Hard copies can be ordered from the Michigan State Bar.

General Resources on Collateral Consequences in Michigan

Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions: A Legal Outline for Michigan

Outline of civil consequences of criminal convictions, with citations, prepared for a training of criminal justice practitioners.

Criminal Convictions: Improving Outcomes for Defendants

Criminal Advocacy Training Program Powerpoint Presentation.

Crime Lynx

Extensive legal research links for criminal defense practitioners.

Immigration Resources

Defending Immigrants Partnership

Extensive information for defense attorneys on how to represent non-citizen defendants in criminal proceedings so as to mitigate immigration consequences.

Immigrant Defense Project

Resources for defense attorneys on addressing immigration issues.

Resources re Clients Working in Education

Letter from Michigan Education Association to Criminal Defense Attorneys Outlining Legal Issues for Criminal Defense of Educators who Are Facing Criminal Charges

This notice sets out issues, particularly reporting, that are important to know when representing school employees who are facing criminal charges.

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