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Guides to Services

How Can I Get Free or Low-Cost Health Care?

Links to a variety of sources for healthcare.

Finding Your Way After Prison in (Genesee County)

Resource guide for Genesee County.

Finding Your Way After Prison (Kent County)

Resource guide for Grand Rapids area.

Prison Legal Services of Michigan

Resources on prison legal issues.

Resources for women

Resource list that focuses on women, and particularly survivors of domestic violence.

Michigan Aftercare Reconnect Resource Directory

County-by-county resource guide for services

National Inmate Resource Directory

Variety of resources, including inmate locator

Legal Information If You Do Not Have an Attorney

Guidelines for Doing Parole Support Letters

Information on how to write letters in support of parole.

Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook

A resource for prisoners who wish to file a lawsuit in federal court regarding poor conditions in prison or abuse by prison staff.

Proceeding in Forma Pauperis

Provides and overview of how prisoners can file lawsuits without an attorney.

How to File a Complaint in Forma Pauperis

Explains how to file a complaint without an attorney.

Exhaustion of Remedies

Explains that prisoners must "exhaust" their administrative remedies before filing a lawsuit.

Three Strikes Rule and Payment of Filing Fees

Explains that prisoner who files three frivolous lawsuit is barred from filing more cases without paying the filing fee; also explains filing fee rules.

Grievance Procedure for MDOC

Information on filing grievances with the Michigan Department of Corrections.

Other Resources


A service of the Michigan Criminal Justice Program of The American Friends Service Committee, helping prisoners and their loved ones with their individual problems and providing tools to help them become strong advocates for themselves.

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