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Sex Offenders: Housing for People with Sex Offenses

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Self-Help Materials

Got a Record? Know Your Rights: Housing

Explains housing rights of people with criminal records, including rules for people with sex offenses.

Letter on Potential Disparate Impact of Terminating Housing Based on Felony Record

Sample letter to a landlord explaining the potential disparate discriminatory impact of terminating month-to-month tenancy for African American with a felony record.


MCL 28.735

Michigan law that bars most registered offenders from living within 1000 feet of a school.

MCL 28.736

Lists those registered offenders who are not subject to the 1000 foot restriction.

Briefs and Pleadings

Answer to Eviction of Sex Offender from Subsidized Housing

Sample answer to an eviction of a current tenant in subsidized housing who is being evicted for being on the sex offender registry.

Letter on Exception to Residency Rules Governing Sex Offenders

Sample letter explaining why individual listed on the sex offender registry falls within exception to 1000-feet-from-a-school residency requirement.

Motion to Allow Individual to Live within 1000 feet of a school due to grandfathered status

Individuals on the sex offender registry who historically lived within 1000 feet of a school may continue to live there. This is a motion to compel the police to register such an individual.

Ex parte Motion to allow individual to reside within 1000 feet of a former school property

The Sex Offender Registration Act provides that individuals convicted of a sex offense may not live within 1000 feet of school property, unless the building or facility is "no longer in use as on a permanent or continuous basis."

Individuals not subject to a lifetime sex registration may be allowed to receive Section 8 vouchers and reside in government-subsidized housing. The sample letters below explain this exception.

Sample Letter Regarding Section 8 Voucher
Sample Letter Regarding Spouse's Section 8 Voucher
Sample Letter Regarding Eviction from Government-Subsidized Housing

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