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"NELP January 13 Memo on e-RAILSAFE"Brief on Expungement of Adult Convictions When Client Also Has Juvenile Adjudications (John Doe)Brief on Standard for Expungements (Jane Doe)
Category 1Child SupportCivil Disabilities and Criminal Convictions: Why Legal Services Attorneys Should Represent People with Criminal Records
Cleaning Up Criminal RecordsCleaning Up Criminal Records: Correcting Inaccurate Criminal RecordsCleaning Up Criminal Records: Deferrals and Dismissals for Specified Offenses
Cleaning Up Criminal Records: ExpungementCleaning Up Criminal Records: FCRA Challenges Based on Dissemination of Inaccurate Criminal RecordsCleaning Up Criminal Records: Getting Damages for Inaccurate Records
Cleaning Up Criminal Records: Juvenile RecordsCleaning Up Criminal Records: Laws Governing How Employers and Reporting Agencies Use and Distribute Criminal RecordsCleaning Up Criminal Records: Obtaining Criminal Records
Cleaning Up Criminal Records: PardonsCleaning up Criminal Records: Removing Arrest Information That Did Not Result in ConvictionCleaning up Criminal Records: Removing Arrest Records that Did Not Result in Conviction
Closing the Revolving DoorConsequences of Convictions in Other StatesConsiderations for Driving in Michigan after Incarceration
DEVMODeclaratory Ruling Request regarding Juvenile Adjudications under MCL 333.20173
Deferrals and Dismissals for Specified OffensesDon’t Leave Prison in Debt: Stop Your Child Support Now!Education, Schools & Financial Aid
Education, Schools & Financial Aid: Financial AidEducation, Schools & Financial Aid: School Suspensions & ExpulsionsEducation: Financial Aid
Education: School Expulsions and Financial Aid RestrictionsEmployment: AccountingEmployment: Banking
Employment: ChildcareEmployment: Disparate Impact Claims Under Title VIIEmployment: Education
Employment: FirefightersEmployment: GamingEmployment: General Information
Employment: General Information and Legal OutlinesEmployment: Government Employment and Government ContractingEmployment: Health Professionals
Employment: Information for EmployersEmployment: Long-Term CareEmployment: Military Service
Employment: Occupational LicensingEmployment: Restrictions on Nursing Home WorkEmployment: Security Guard
Employment: Security Guard and Private SecurityEmployment: TransportationEmployment: What Restrictions Apply to Specific Jobs
Employment & LicensingEmployment & Licensing: AccountingEmployment & Licensing: Banking
Employment & Licensing: ChildcareEmployment & Licensing: Disparate Impact Claims Under Title VIIEmployment & Licensing: Education
Employment & Licensing: FirefightersEmployment & Licensing: GamingEmployment & Licensing: Government Employment and Government Contracting
Employment & Licensing: Health ProfessionalsEmployment & Licensing: InsuranceEmployment & Licensing: Labor and Employee Benefits
Employment & Licensing: Legal OverviewsEmployment & Licensing: Long-Term CareEmployment & Licensing: Materials for Employers
Employment & Licensing: Military ServiceEmployment & Licensing: Occupational LicensingEmployment & Licensing: Parole and Probation Restrictions
Employment & Licensing: Policy Reports & RecommendationsEmployment & Licensing: Security Guard and Private SecurityEmployment & Licensing: Sex Offender Restrictions
Employment & Licensing: TransportationEx-Offender Identification Issues in MichiganFamily Issues
Family Issues: Ability to be an Adoptive or Foster ParentFamily Issues: Child SupportFamily Issues: Children & Families of the Incarcerated
Family Issues: Custody & Parenting TimeFamily Issues: Parental Rights TerminationFamily Issues: Parole & Probation Restrictions on Family Contact
Family Issues: Parole / Probation Restrictions on Family ContactFamily Law IssuesFinancial Aid for Higher Education
Find a LawyerFleeingFelonForfeiture of Property
Forfeiture of Property & Civil LiabilityGeneral Legal Research GuidesGet a Criminal Record
Get a Criminal Record: Get a Criminal RecordHUD H 2002- 22 Screening and Eviction for Drug Abuse and Other Criminal Activity - Final RuleHealth Care While Incarcerated
HousingHousing: General Information and Legal OutlinesHousing: Got a Record? Know Your Rights - Housing
Housing: Housing for People with Sex OffensesHousing: Housing for Sex OffendersHousing: Legal Outlines
Housing: Subsidized HousingHousing for People with Sex OffensesHow Can I Pay Child Support If I’m Locked Up?
How and Why to Get Your Criminal RecordHow to edit this specific wikiIdentification
Identification and Drivers LicensesImmigrationInformation for Employers About Hiring an Ex-Offender
IntroductionIs Your Criminal Record Holding You Back? Tips on How to Expunge Your Criminal RecordKnow Your Rights: Criminal Background Checks for Michigan's Long-Term Care Workers
Know Your Rights: Criminal Background Checks for Michigan's School EmployeesKnow Your Rights: Getting and Keeping a Job If You've Got a Criminal RecordLegal Developments
Letter on Potential Disparate Impact of Terminating Housing Based on Felony RecordLinks and Other Sources of AssistanceMain Page
Manuals & OverviewsManuals & Overviews: Collateral Consequences in MichiganManuals & Overviews: Collateral Consequences in Other States
Manuals & Overviews: Legal Outlines & Training MaterialsManuals & Overviews: OutlinesManuals & Overviews: Policy Materials
Minor Convictions Shouldn't Turn Into Life SentencesMotion to Allow Individual to Live within 1000 feet of a school due to grandfathered statusNELP January 13 Memo on e-RAILSAFE
NELP Memorandum e-RAILSAFE Background Checks for Rail WorkersNew Appeals Procedures for Railway WorkersNew York Times Article on Waivers for Persons with Felony Convictions Seeking to Enter the Military
Nickel and Diming the Criminal Defendant: A Look at Financial Penalties in Felony CasesObtaining RecordsObtaining Records: Court Records
Obtaining Records: Criminal RecordsOverviews of Reentry and Collateral ConsequencesParental Rights Termination
ParticipationProperty, Fines, Restitution & Other Monetary Penalties
Property, Fines, Restitution & Other Monetary Penalties: Forfeiture of PropertyProperty, Fines, Restitution & Other Monetary Penalties: Reimbursement for Incarceration ExpensesProperty, Fines, Restitution & Other Monetary Penalties: Restitution & Fees
Public BenefitsPublic Benefits, Welfare & Medical AssistancePublic Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Applications & Forms
Public Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Disability & Social Security After IncarcerationPublic Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Fleeing FelonsPublic Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Health Care While Incarcerated
Public Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Losing Benefits Due to WarrantsPublic Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Medicaid, Medicare Health CarePublic Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Overview of Public Benefits Lost Due to Criminal Record
Public Benefits, Welfare & Medical Assistance: Selective Service RegistrationPublic Benefits: Fleeing Felon SSI/SSA CasesPublic Benefits: Fleeing Felon SSI SSA Cases
Public Benefits: Identification and Drivers LicensesPublic Benefits: Overview of Public Benefits Lost Due to Criminal RecordPublic Benefits: Selective Service Registration Issues
Public Benefits: Social Security/SSI BenefitsPublic Benefits: Social Security - SSI BenefitsReimbursement for Incarceration Expenses
Resources for Civil Legal Aid AttorneysResources for Criminal Defense AttorneysResources for Prisoners and Returning Prisoners
Resources for Returning PrisonersRestitution and FeesSample Good Cause Letter
Sample Letter to Credit Reporting Company Demanding Correction of Criminal Record ReportSample Letter to Credit Reporting Company Demanding Damages for Inaccurate RecordSample Letter to Credit Reporting Company Regarding Inaccurate Criminal Record Report
Sample Letter to Michigan State Police Requesting Record CorrectionSample Letter to Social Security: Discretionary Good CauseSample Letter to Social Security: Mandatory Good Cause
Sample Occupational License Appeal LetterSample RSS includeSample complaint to EEOC (Jane Doe Letter)
Sample letter seeking reinstatement based on Title VII violationSample letter to the Michigan Department of Community Health asking for clarification on employabilitySchaafsma: Criminal Activity Based Barriers to HUD Assisted Rental Housing
Second Chance Act StallsSex Offender RegistrationSex Offenders
Sex Offenders: Housing for People with Sex OffensesSex Offenders: Sex Offender RegistrationSex Offenders: Sex Offender Restrictions on Employment
Social Security/SSI BenefitsSummaries Regarding Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions in MichiganTesting page
United States Navy and Marine Corps Criminal History DisqualificationsUser InformationVoting
Will I Get Deported? Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions: A Quick Reference GuideYouth and Juveniles