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  1. Category 1
  2. Cleaning Up Criminal Records: Laws Governing How Employers and Reporting Agencies Use and Distribute Criminal Records
  3. Cleaning up Criminal Records: Removing Arrest Records that Did Not Result in Conviction
  4. Consequences of Convictions in Other States
  5. DEVMO
  6. Deferrals and Dismissals for Specified Offenses
  7. Education: Financial Aid
  8. Education: School Expulsions and Financial Aid Restrictions
  9. Employment: Accounting
  10. Employment: Firefighters
  11. Employment: Gaming
  12. Employment: Government Employment and Government Contracting
  13. Employment: Health Professionals
  14. Employment: Information for Employers
  15. Employment: Long-Term Care
  16. Employment: Security Guard
  17. Employment: Security Guard and Private Security
  18. Employment: What Restrictions Apply to Specific Jobs
  19. Family Issues: Parole / Probation Restrictions on Family Contact
  20. Family Law Issues
  21. FleeingFelon
  22. Forfeiture of Property
  23. Forfeiture of Property & Civil Liability
  24. Get a Criminal Record: Get a Criminal Record
  25. HUD H 2002- 22 Screening and Eviction for Drug Abuse and Other Criminal Activity - Final Rule
  26. Health Care While Incarcerated
  27. Housing for People with Sex Offenses
  28. Identification
  29. Is Your Criminal Record Holding You Back? Tips on How to Expunge Your Criminal Record
  30. Know Your Rights: Getting and Keeping a Job If You've Got a Criminal Record
  31. Manuals & Overviews: Outlines
  32. NELP Memorandum e-RAILSAFE Background Checks for Rail Workers
  33. New York Times Article on Waivers for Persons with Felony Convictions Seeking to Enter the Military
  34. Nickel and Diming the Criminal Defendant: A Look at Financial Penalties in Felony Cases
  35. Public Benefits: Fleeing Felon SSI SSA Cases
  36. Public Benefits: Overview of Public Benefits Lost Due to Criminal Record
  37. Public Benefits: Social Security/SSI Benefits
  38. Public Benefits: Social Security - SSI Benefits
  39. Sample Good Cause Letter
  40. Sample Letter to Michigan State Police Requesting Record Correction
  41. Sample RSS include
  42. Social Security/SSI Benefits
  43. Testing page
  44. User Information
  45. Will I Get Deported? Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions: A Quick Reference Guide

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