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User Name Full Name Email Affiliation
AFortino Amanda Fortino afortino@legalaidwestmich.net Legal Aid of Western Michigan
AGoldfin AGoldfin@ladadetroit.org Legal Aid & Defender
Askillm askillm@ladadetroit.org Legal Aid & Defender
AWhittler Antonia Whittler Antonia@cybertriallawyer.com Dozier Internet Law, P.C.
BWidgeon Betty Widgeon bwidgeon@comast.net
Grange Steve Gray grange@umich.edu MPLP/ LSSCM
JHershkowitz Judy Hershkowitz JHERSHKOWITZ@mail.michbar.org State Bar of Michigan
JReide Jerome Reide jreide@mail.michbar.org State Bar of Michigan
JGraca Jon Graca jograca@umich.edu MPLP
KBidelman Kelly Bidelman KBidelma@ladadetroit.org Legal Aid & Defender
KSwims Khadija Swims kswims@pscinc.com Public Sector Consultants
LGraham Laura Graham lgrahm@mail.michbar.org Legal Aid of Western Michigan
LMulligan Larry Mulligan lmulligan@shrr.com Legal Aid of Western Michigan
Maukerman Miriam Aukerman maukerman@legalaidwestmich.net Legal Aid of Western Michigan
Ofosubk Benefo Ofosu ofosu@umich.edu MPLP
ROlivo Raquel Olivo rolvio@legalaidwestmich.net Legal Aid of Western Michigan
SFelder SFelder@ladadetroit.org Legal Aid & Defender
SWesterlund Sue Westerlund WesterlundS@michigan.gov
TStangl Terr Stangl tstangl@ccj-mi.org Center for Civil Justice

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