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Cleaning Up Criminal Records: Deferrals and Dismissals for Specified Offenses

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Deferrals and Dismissals allow individuals who successfully complete probation to have their cases dismissed without ending up with a conviction. Some of the most commonly used statutes are:

Holmes Youthful Trainee Act: MCL 762.11 et. seq.

“7411” Probation Dismissals for Minor Drug Offenses: MCL 333.7411

Dismissals for First-Time Domestic Violence Offenders: MCL 769.4a

Dismissals for Participation in Drug Court: MCL 600.1706

Dismissals for Minors in Possession: MCL 436.1703

Delayed Sentencing and Placement on Probation: MCL 771.1

Sample Pleadings

Sample Petition for 7411 Status or, in the Alternative, for Expungement

A sample brief petitioning for the dismissal of a low-level, first-time drug offense, or alternatively, for expungement.
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