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We welcome contributions of legal materials. However, to edit this site, you must receive authorization from the site administrators. For information on how you can participate in the Wiki development, see the participation page.

Wikipedia offers a fairly comprehensive review on editing Wiki format pages, available here. We've created this page as a review of the information from Wikipedia as well as a resource for navigating and editing our specific Wiki.


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Editor Sandbox Area

Basic Formatting

What you want to type or create The WIKI Markup
Line Breaks

In Wiki formatting, line breaks are not assumed when the return key is struck. For exmaple if you want to reproduce the text:

Jan E. Doe 123 Any Street Ann Arbor, MI.

It will show up as:

Jane E. Doe 123 Any Street Ann Arbor, MI.
Unless you use the markup:

Jane E. Doe <br>
123 Any Street <br>
Ann Arbor, MI.<br>
Italic Text

Place the text in two apostrophes. For example:
''Italic Text''
Bold Text

Similar to Italic text, place the text in three apostrophes. For example:
'''Bold Text'''
Link to an Outside Website

Place the website url and what you want to have the page named in a single set of brackets:
[http://www.google.com Google Homepage]

Google Homepage
Paragraph Indents

Paragraph indents are made by using the colon character before the text you wish to indent inside of the edit page.

Email Addresses

In the event you want to leave your email address somewhere on the wiki (for example in the fotter of a page) you can do such with this markup:
[mailto:EmailAddreess@address.com EmailAddress@address.com]

Editor Rules

1. Don't Edit the Front Page

if you think we need to add a new section/link please clear that through Miriam.

2 Follow Existing Page Organization

We've made an effort to make pages as organized as possible. For example, some topics in the Resource Library have many subheadings, such as the "General Information" under the "Employment" section. For these sections, we ask that our users help in keeping pages organized through Wiki's Table of Contents option. By using the following markup for subheadings:
and adding a Table of Contents to the beginning of the page by using the markup
we can keep pages as organized and navigable as possible. This page provides an example of how a table of contents and subheadings can keep a page organized.

3. Use Page Footers

We want to make our Wiki as navigable as possible. As such we've made a conscious effort to place a simple footer allowing users to return to the library or the main Wiki page at the end of every document. If you are creating a new wiki page please place a navigation footer at the bottom.

To place our footer into a new page, simply type:


We ask that users continue our efforts at making the site navigable by placing it at the end of documents as well.

Uploading Documents

While we strive to convert as many documents and resources as possible to Wiki formatting, some legal documents, especially lengthy .pdf or .docs or legal outlines are challenging to convert. Luckly our Wiki allows users to upload documents and link to them. In order to do such:

  1. Go to the Upload File page on the left-hand side of the Wiki,
  2. A page allowing for file uploads will appear; upload the specific document. It may not be possible to upload larger documents (there is a file size limit) or files that aren't supported by our server (such as Powerpoint Presentations). No worries, the site administrators can help in getting these documents on the Wiki.
  3. After uploading the document, it will be available on the File List page, which is available on the Upload File page. They are sorted by date, so the most recent should be the first visible.
  4. The files are saved to a site location, so they can be manipulated on the site in the same way that external links would through the use of the same Wiki language. For example, if you wish to add a link to http://www.google.com with the description "Google Homepage," the markup would be:
    [http://www.google.com Google Homepage]
    The easiest way to copy the link location of a recently uploaded document off of the File List page is to left click on the file and copy the link location. It can then be pasted wherever you wish to place the document.
  5. As with all Wiki documents, examples of successfully created pages and uploaded documents are available by looking at the edits of pages. If you are still having trouble with uploading documents onto the Wiki, feel free to contact the site administrators: Jgraca or grange

Advanced Edits

For our more ambitious users, it is possible to create pages with tables, bulleted and numbered lists, and other formatting. Some pages on this Wiki have attempted such, and we suggest that you use these as guides for creating your own ambitious pages. For an example of a table, see the end of the resource Know Your Rights: Criminal Background Checks for Michigan's Long-Term Care Workers

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